Robotic Process Automation (RPA) servicePosted: October 11, 2021 @ 9:33 am
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Retransform USA
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Valere- Your cloud-based financial modelling solution
Modern financial modelling tools are incredibly powerful, enabling the precise projection of real estate asset performance within the investment lifecycle – but you won’t find these tools in a spreadsheet.That’s why you need Valere, a cloud-based financial modelling solution for real estate investors that provides unparalleled visibility into the performance of a specific asset or group of assets throughout their lifecycle.Valere is designed to help asset managers, investors, lenders and brokers make informed decisions about their assets. Whether you need to determine value for acquisitions or dispositions, prepare detailed cash flow analysis or understand overall financial performance, Valere has your answer.Read More
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Lease Abstraction Services
Detailed and key clauses in leases have grown significantly in our industry. Consequently, accurate lease abstraction is a business necessity that we all must endure. This is the information you ultimately rely on when a lease analysis or a lease evaluation occurs. Retransform is well-positioned to perform your Lease Abstractions with accuracy and ease.Our proven methodology has a 99.9% accuracy rate to capture all critical date and dollar values. A comprehensive assessment is created based on a client’s feedback resulting in the dedicated team preparing a customized abstraction template based on their needs. Our clients can choose from a number of our optimal templates or select their own preferred template for us to then successfully integrate the information into their property management system.Read More
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