Registration of Trademark | Biswajit Sarkar IP Law FirmPosted: January 30, 2023 @ 4:58 am
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Biswajit Sarkar
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Biswajit Sarkar IP Law Firm India | E-filing of documents related to Design Registration
E-filing of documents related to Design RegistrationWith the advancement in technology, where everything has been turned online, the IP offices in India have been very active, and have adapted the technology into their systems. Recently, the Public notice was issued by the Office of Controller General of Patents, Designs, & Trademarks, Boudhik Sampada Bhawan, Mumbai. The office announced that for the registration of designs the Applicant could submit the documents for registration of designs through the process of e-filing for the purpose of expediting the procedure of design registrations in India. However, the assignments, attested or notarised copies of the Original Power of Attorney or any affidavit must be filed physically. Additionally, the office has also started issuing of electronic certificates to the Applicants for which the design registration has been completed.
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World's First Trademark As An Address - 6 Ballygunge Place
An interesting turn in the history of Intellectual Property Right in India was witnessed, when the IP Law firm headed by Biswajit Sarkar won the Landmark case of '6 Ballygunge Place' in favor of the owners of the restaurant, the Savourites. '6 Ballygunge Place' is the service mark adopted by the Savourites (now Hospitality Pvt. Ltd) for the business of restaurant. However, the name ' 6 Ballygunge Place' was denied registration by the Trade Marks Registry , India. The Law Firm led by Biswajit Sarkar not only argued for the right of the restaurateurs over their original idea but also re-established the need to nuance our understanding of intellectual property right.This judgment is unprecedented in India and elsewhere. The transformation of a postal address to a protected brand name is one of a kind. It speaks for the evolution and sophistication while ideating IP norms in India. Restaurateurs can now enjoy exclusive right over their brand name speaks a lot for the distance Intellectual Property Law has traversed with Biswajit Sarkar & Co, Patent Attorneys leading the way as a catalyst in such issues.
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What is the Prior Art?
Novelty is one of the essential criteria required for a patent to be granted in India. It means that the invention must be new or novel and must not have been anticipated by any published document in the world. In order to prove novelty, it must proved that no other document in the world has any prior art relating to the subject matter of the invention.Prior art means all the publications, presented or disclosed to the public before the date of filing of the complete specifications. It can exist by the way of oral or written disclosure. Prior Art includes not only previous patents, but also any other published materials, including scientific papers, advertisements, newspaper articles etc. Such prior art materials that are not patents are called non-patent literature or NPL.Before the application for a patent is filed, a prior art search is of paramount importance. It will help determine the existing literature regarding the subject matter of the patent and help establish the novelty of the invention.More Details:-
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