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Can You Build Muscle With Kettlebell Swings (Part #1)
?? If you want a muscle-building program using the Double Clean + Press and Front Squat, guys are loving this one. ?? And if you want to “just” use the Swings for fat loss and conditioning, here are 10 of them. ?? And if you have bad knees and only want to use the Clean + Press, I recommend this program. Mike messaged me asking: “Can you build muscle with swings?” Great question. Let’s take a deeper dive because it’s an important topic. First off, muscle is built by exercising against resistance. Are Swings “resistance?” Yes. But not all “resistance” is the same. If Mike is really asking, “Can you build muscle and look like a bodybuilder from using Swings?” The answer is a resounding “NO.” Or “Heck No.” Or “NO WAY.” Or “NO WAY IN HECK.” Or however you want to say it. But(t) you can build muscle.