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The “CORE” of your Kettlebell workouts/training?“core”-of-your-kettlebell-workoutstraining/312398
In the last video, I covered Level 1 kettlebell training the Swing, Turkish Get Up, and the Goblet Squat. Today, I'm going to dive into Level 2. This level focuses on the Clean, Military Press, Snatch, Push Press, and Jerk. Typically, I split up this level into 2A and 2B. LEVEL 2A includes the Clean, Military Press, and Snatch, while LEVEL 2B includes Push Press and Jerk. The Clean is a crucial exercise because it gets the KB into the ''rack,'' the spot where your chest and shoulder meet. This position is the starting point and ending point for other exercises like the Military Press, and it works your arm(s) and upper back muscles for that ''power look.'' The Military Press is another valuable exercise that works your upper body muscles, shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps, and even your upper back. Additionally, it's a powerful abdominal builder and requires your legs and hips to contract isometrically.