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Get a free Bible for your phone, tablet and computer
The Bible in Spanish. Reina-Valera translation. The classic Spanish translation of the Bible is that of Cassiodoro de Reina, revised by Cipriano de Valera. It was for the use of the incipient Protestant movement and is widely considered the Spanish equivalent of the King James Version. This Android application comes complete with text and audio of the Spanish Bible, new and old testaments. You can read and hear the word of God at the same time. You can take your Bible with you wherever you go. Portable and easy to use. Download it from the Google Play Store and start living a life full of faith and hope. The Spanish Bible The modern Spanish Holy Bible is a free application that allows you to navigate through all the wisdom of the Bible in simple and clear language with just a few clicks and without the need for an Internet connection. Make the Bible available to everyone in a language and format that everyone can understand and pay for, so that everyone can experience its life-chang