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To be able to prevent these disorders, it's crucial to lead a healthy way of life and experience regular preventative assessments. How a lifestyle affects the quality of semen. Spermatogenesis occurs in many stages, the procedure lasts up to 72-76 days, which equates to 3 calendar months. In adolescence, you need to pay particular attention to the evolution of a capable and responsible attitude to their wellbeing in the child. Only protected sexual intercourse, and over all sexual customs and responsible attitude towards health, may be a trusted protection against these threats. The healthcare statistics is acute: in 50 percent of cases of infertility of this couple is connected with a breach of spermatogenesis (growth of male sexual cells). Few future fathers realize that contemporary rather than necessarily appropriate lifestyle: hyponymy, polluted air, and water of inferior quality, damaging habits, unbalanced diet, and excessive passion for fast meals, sports accidents and other variables - can disrupt the work of the genitourinary system, alter the structure and ethics of germline cells, and damage their DNA and RNA, causing difficulties using fertilization of the ovum. And if girls, faced with the problem of infertility, ailments of the genitourinary sphere, immediately rush to the physician, it's difficult for a guy to understand and accept their''failure''. Another frequent cause of erectile dysfunction is anomalies from the reproductive system (cryptorchidi
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Drug - Abuse & Addiction - Intervention & Treatment
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