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The holiday season is almost here. It is time to start writing down your shopping list. This newly published book would be a perfect gift item for your list: Life is God's Best Gift: Wisdom from the Ancestors on Finding Peace and Joy in Today's World by Sam Chege. Here is how Eric Copage of the New York Times describes it: ''Rich with reflections on life, love, and community, this extraordinary, timeless collection of proverbs inspires, comforts, and delights the soul.'' Africa is the birthplace of the human race, once great civilizations, and a place where knowledge, art, music, democracy, culture, trade, agriculture and wisdom first flourished. Her ancient crypts are rich with proverbs, enduring life lessons and pearls of wisdom that have universal application. But they are not well known. I want to share these priceless gifts from Africa with you and enrich your life. Experience doesn’t come from Google. You can find everything in it but the real life experiences, the unheard stories, the truths and crux will always come from a wise old person. Like good wine, we get better with age. Wisdom comes with age. Those who have lived long have more experiences in life. You need to consult and talk to them to know real life exp. Wisdom is a treasure that our ancestors have handed down to us in the form of proverbs, wise sayings, judicious encouragements and lived experiences. Wisdom is like fire. People take it from others. When you follow in the path of your father, you lea
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