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I am an Unfranchise Internet Marketing Distributor and Shop Consultant. I own an online shopping mall, with 3500+ retailers and specializing in over 2500 branded products plus specialized services. I give cash back to preferred customers and pay for referrals. Registration is free. I help customers save money with high tech comparison shopping and I speicalize in our health/wellness division, helping people get well and stay well. We are always looking for those with entrepreneurial spirit, who are motivated and would like to earn a willable, residual income.
(302) 804-0802
Millsboro, Delaware
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Dover, Delaware | Contact This Member
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Ms. Tanya Bannavong
Work: (302) 804-0802
Customer Store Manager
Ms. Tanya Bannavong
Work: (302) 804-0802
Isotonix nurtraceuticals, sport nutrition, weight management solutions (for adults and children), digestive nutrition, anti-aging skin care, top quality cosmetics, jewelry, non-toxic auto care, pet health, eco-friendly household cleaners and lawn care, personal body care, web design, financial services, music recording services, printing services, customized products for health and beauty, medical professional services and a web portal for customers to shop over 3500 retailers and earn cash back.
"Hottest" Selling Product
Our number one seller is our Isotonix OPC3 supplement. It has been a miracle supplement for millions, myself included. In fact, our entire line of Isotonix supplements are like no other on the market. We also have the best cosmetic line, Motives, the best anti-aging skin care products, the berst web design services and the best financial help services on the market. The online shopping mall is a true site to see, with over 3500 partner stores to shop from and earn unlimited cash back and get paid for referrals. Registration is FREE!
Specializes In
I specialize in helping people save money when shopping online. I am a Shop Consultant. Through our state of the art technology, we have the best online shopping mall. I also specialize in our health/wellness division, providing customers with high quality supplements for optimal nutrition and well-being.
How We Got Started
I have always been interested in owning my own business, especially one that can truly help people through many avenues. I have always been fortunate to be able to be a stay-at-home-mom, but having this dream never left me. Two years ago I was in a horrible auto accident. I nearly lost my foot and then almost died from infection. After surgeries, long hospital stays, and therapies, I was left using a wheelchair and I was living in excruciating pain. I was going to need another operation to fuse my bones to help alleviate pain. Two weeks before the surgery, a friend of mine introduced me to this company, Market America, and their number one selling product, OPC3. I started taking it and within three days I had no pain and within one week I put my wheelchair away for good! I began trying all the products I could (and still am) and I not only loved what I was using, but I loved the entire business itself and it's compensation plan and knowing that I can earn a residucal income plus the business is willable. I jumped right in and have been having a blast!
Favorite Part of the Business
To be able to help others feel better and stay well is my most favorite part of my business. I also like it that I can help in other ways too by providing information or certified consultants with other issues a customer may have. I also enjoy knowing that those interested in owning their own Unfranchise with Market America is possible with the fabulous teamwork this entire company provides. This company truly is built on product and powered by people.
Customer Can Expect
When you register on my website, it costs you nothing, ever. I will be your Shop Consultant. If you have any problems, questions or concerns, all my contact info is on my page and you will contact me. I will get in touch with you within 24 to 48 hours. I will keep you updated on special online deals at retailers you like. I will help you save money with leading edge comparison shopping tools. I will help you find the best nutritional supplement plan to be on. I will research any questions you may have concerning health, beauty, web design, pet health, finanicial health or weight management. My role is to help my preferred customer shop better, faster, and easier.
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Market America Team Delmarva
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