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7 Types of Ayurvedic Massages Ayurvedic massages combine pressure, vibration and strokes combined with aromatic ayurvedic oils to relieve the entire body. If you are planning to take up holistic massages to reduce pain and stress, then you must know the 7 essential types of ayurvedic massages. Pizhichil: For this type of massage, warm oil is poured from a particular vessel, known as Kindi, which is placed a few inches above the body. The oil soothes nerves, and the masseuse massages to treat the Vata Dosha. People who often complain about the body stiffness, fractures, paralysis can benefit from Pizhichil. Njavarakizhi: This massage boosts the perspiration process in the body. Medicated oil is applied followed by a pressurized massage. For the massage, small cotton blouses filled with cooked rice called Njavara are filled. These blouses are then dipped in cow’s milk, and herbal paste is applied to boost sweat production. This massage is beneficial for the skin and revitalizes the senses. Shirodhara: The motive of this-this head massage is to stimulate the nerves. A continuously flowing stream or medicated or herbal oil known as dhara is poured on the scalp. Ubtan and Elakizhi: For this massage, herbal oils are used to rejuvenate the skin. This massage technique improves the quality of the skin and nourishes the body. Abhyangam: In Abhyangam a full body massage is given with medicated hot oil chosen depending on the patient's medical condition. Oil temperatu
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