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Winning Your Weight™ is a comprehensive weight management program that includes a specialized METHOD of eating. It’s called Patterned Eating. You are actually taught a WAY to eat that helps you lose weight without dieting. Our goal is to not only help you lose weight, but allows you to lose weight without hating your efforts.
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Winning Your Weight™ is a comprehensive weight management program. With each order you will receive the tools to controlling hunger and cravings without feeling deprived of fullness, taste, or the social enjoyment of food. Our exclusive method of Patterned Eating™ creates a proactive eating schedule, allowing you to stay one step ahead of excess hunger. Learn about this revolutionary way of eating to lose weight, while not going hungry or giving up the foods you love. 10 - CD Set: CD1: Challenges with Weight Loss - Why you've failed in the past. You can't fix a problem if you don't understand why it's broken. CD2: Solutions with Weight Loss - Taking the guesswork out of losing weight. No more trial and error when it comes to weight management. CD3: Nutrition - Our exclusive method of Patterned Eating™ putting you back in control of food. CD4: Physical Activity - Exercise prescription that does not stick you with traditional exercises that can become mundane. CD5: Understanding Fat - Understanding body fat and how to decrease non-essential fat found in typical storage sites. CD6: The Calorie - You've been told to count 'em, you've been told not to count 'em. Clearing the air on calorie management. CD7: Sleep - Rest, recovery, energy care, and fatigue management to aid in the typical weight loss habits of nutrition and exercise CD8: Stress Management - Not allowing the mind to sabotage the body. CD9: The Metabolism - Exposing the myths behind the metabolism and creating focus on what really works to manage body weight. CD10: Motivation - Maintaining interest and excitement about your weight management efforts with a clear understanding that you are no longer wasting time, money, and effort on products that will produce no results. 5 - Weight Management Manuals: Quick references when you need help to stay on track! Nutrition Guidelines Exercise Guidelines Sleep Health Stress Management Goal Setting & Motivation And, as a bonus you will also receive... The Winning Your Weight™ Quick Start Manual - Start experiencing results from day one. 3 - Free Months of Access to our Exclusive Eating Schedule Calculator™. The key to our exclusive method of Patterned Eating™. Visit our official website at to obtain more in depth information about the program, product description & pricing, client testimonials, more about the creator Dayton Preston and much more...
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Join the Winning Your Weight™ 30 Day Challenge. We currently taking participants in this challenge to showcase the benefits of the program. This offer is limited, so joint today. To join the challenge, simply place your order of the CD series You’ll receive it in the mail shortly at your home. This is a risk-free challenge. You pay only $14.95 plus S&H to take part in the challenge. If your life does not change with this challenge, simply return the series for a full refund less the S&H.
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Most efforts for weight loss are random with an exercise gadget here and a diet there, but all too often lack what is needed to achieve healthy and lasting weight loss. Winning Your Weight™ is different from many of the most common weight loss programs, as it addresses the bad habits and failures often associated with simple diet plans, or exercise routines. Winning Your Weight™ provides weight management services from a standpoint of not only losing pounds, but improving the quality of life.
How We Got Started
About Dayton & WYW Dayton has over 25 years of consistent & professional experience as a weight management specialist. He has served as a health promotion director, wellness program director, and consultant for numerous companies and organizations including many Fortune 500 companies. Dayton is a Sponsored athlete in mountain bike racing. He has served as a Consultant for numerous healthcare, sports medicine clinics, and hospital systems – the most stringent in the industry when it comes to legitimate practices. Dayton has written numerous publications on wellness and weight management through hospital and healthcare systems. Published author of the book Making Sense of all the Nonsense: The no diet revolution in weight loss. He holds a degree in exercise science including extensive studies in: Exercise Physiology Human Anatomy Kinesiology (The Study of Human Movement) Athletic Training Human Performance Applied Nutrition Weight Control Exercise Testing, Measurement, and Evaluation Dayton is a degreed, accredited, certified, and professionally experienced health education and weight management specialist. He has specialized in weight management services as a result of the fact that the majority of preventable health risk factors stem from obesity. Controlling health risks through weight management has the most stringent regulations in terms of providing highly screened and legitimate information. Winning Your Weight™ is the result of those years of providing and continually advancing such services.
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Helping people live a better, healthy life without giving up the things they love.
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Success Stories Tracy after losing 36 pounds–“I’ve been amazed at the weight loss and being able to eat and not be hungry.” Amy H. after losing 40 pounds and keeping it off for over 10 years – “It allows me to make choices that are manageable… and I’m able to maintain them.” Felicia after improving her blood lab work – “I’m eating more than I’ve ever eaten. Who would think you would eat and lose weight?” “My doctor said whatever I’m doing to continue to do it.” Stephanie after losing 10 inches speaking on Hunger Training™ and her eating schedule– “With the training, it’s like breathing… I don’t even realize I’m doing it anymore. It’s part of my everyday life.” Bianca after losing 11 inches – “Winning Your Weight™ has been a great discovery for me. I feel fantastic and I have tons of energy. I feel really great about myself. It’s the way I’ll eat from now on.” Amy C. after losing over 11 inches in waist and hips – “I love it because I’m never hungry and I feel healthy.” Conchetta on her health and blood lab work – “It’s the best values that I’ve had, some of them in over 10 years.” Randy after losing 4 pant sizes– “I have 10 times the energy I used to.” Jay after losing 57 pounds – “I feel great. I want to get out and do stuff, and socialize, and not just be a couch potato.”
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