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YaYokio Gives Social Media Users and Businesses A New Kind Of Social Life in a Online City If you are looking for a social platform which can do more than just connect with friends and family and simplify your overall online experience, here’s some good news. Launched in 2009, by American based Fiyahwurkz Empire, this social media platform aims at doing things differently, while placing the end-user at the forefront., the social networking site already boasts of a significant number of users, and this number continues to rise steadily. These include individuals and businesses alike. If you’re wondering, ‘Why another social networking site?’ the brainchild behind this venture, Krystal Vaughan, CEO – Fiyahwurkz Empire, says, “Although there were a number of social networking sites out there, we felt they were lacking in many ways This network offers rewards toward gift cards by just sharing and hanging out with friends.This, here, is a successful attempt at offering users the best of the online world, in a single place.” YaYokio offers a magnitude of services to its users, and this includes the usual ability to connect with friends and family, while also being able to share pictures, videos, and links it also offers ways for consumers to make money amogst there friends and other This, however, is only a fraction of what YaYokio has to offer. Entertainment: The entertainment provided at YaYokio is not limited to what’s shared by your friends. Yes, users have access to all content uploaded by all its users; and this includes free music,free videos,Music sharing, Ebooks & Music downloads. In addition, you have access to Youtube and Daily motions video database as well as a number of apps to chose from. Information Hub: YaYokio also aims at providing its users with up-to-date information, and this comes in the form of world news and local news which is picked up from sources like CNN News, Google News & MTV News. This is coupled with information surrounding events taking place around the world. If you wish to know what fellow users think about any ongoing event, you simply have to refer to the polls. Information also comes through articles in the ‘knowledge base’ section, product reviews written by real users, and quizzes. The Commercial Aspect: This aspect definitely sets YaYokio apart from its social networking competitors. YaYokio not only offers its users the ability to choose from a host of daily deals,business coupons and some of the best deals online, users can also add/create their own.Business/Users can benifit from the directory finding business information,location directions, company news,menus and other services. The ‘marketplace’ section allows you to add or search real estate listings, as well as listings in categories like jobs, services, auto classifieds,for sale,services etc. Krystal Vaughan quotes;”Since there are so many features which distinguish YaYokio from its competitors, it is only natural that it is finding so many takers.” “It is for this very reason,” she adds, “that businesses looking at extending their online reach are looking at YaYokio as a virtual minefield of probable customers.” Fiyahwurkz Empire is a Social Media Company, based in New Jersey. For more information about and sister sites contact Krystal Vaughan at or