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Cretarent Icon
June 8, 2013 @ 6:01 am
Looking for cheap Car Hire in Crete?

Car hire in Crete is the most popular way for the visitors and tourists go around this place without spending an excessive amount of money. The island receives a large number of tourists from the around the globe each year who come to witness the fascinating blending of a rich historical tradition with a vibrant and pulsating modern society. The island also features a large stretch of sandy beaches, which becomes a top tourist destination during the summer months when almost all the major European cities fly special flights to this island. The island has a large number of interesting and delightful tourist spots scattered all around, and it makes good sense to hire a car than take taxis to each of this place. Hiring a car will cost significantly less compared to hiring taxis for each of these trips. In addition, the tourists do not have to worry about their conveyance anymore since they will have the car and the driver at hand during the entire duration of the trip. The tourists can choose from a large number of car hiring companies that operate from almost all the major spots on the island. However, most of the companies have their offices in the city of Heraklion that happens to be the capital city of Crete.

The tourists need to be aware of the offers that are on offer to make sure that they get access to the cheap car hire in Crete. Since, most of the car hiring companies operate in Heraklion, it will be advised that the tourists look to start and base their journey to Heraklion. A wider choice will allow the tourist to bargain better and more effectively with the car hiring companies. This will help them in availing cheap car hire services and consequently spend significantly less amount of money on conveyance. Cheaper conveyance helps tourists in diverting the money they save towards other expenses of the trip. Tourists also need to do a thorough research on the reputation and the quality of the fleet run by the car hiring companies before finalizing on any of them.

The internet can be an extremely handy tool and tourists can compare the rates prevalent in the market to lay their hands on the best deal available. The leading car hiring companies run cars that are suitable for the road condition on the island. They can also book their cars as early as they can because most of these companies offer wonderful discounts for early bookings. The companies also offer special rates to those customers who hire cars for a longer period or are frequent travellers to Crete. Thus, it is not at all difficult to spot a cheap car hire in Crete if one knows where to look.

About The Author:

Ioannis Kastrinakis is client representative at Cretarent, one of the cheapest car hire companies in Heraklion.

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