MoTec Data SystemPosted: June 25, 2021 @ 7:19 pm
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Price: $2,180.00
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Race Beat
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Texense Temperature Sensors
Texense Sensors is used to measure for temperature. Our full range of infra-red texense temperature sensors allows contact free temperature measurements which may be required typically for disk brakes. Apart from that we have also more verities that fit on your requirements including texys 1000 IR Temp sensor pro, Texys tpms-tire pressure monitor receiver, and texys tpms tire pressure RS sensor valve-11-5mm etc.
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Ride Height Sensors
There are many leading providers in Ride Height Sensors and sensor installation. But before buying you need to consider on technical terms. Compare to other supplier our experienced designing and installing delivers excellent technical and mechanical service as per the requirement. The Izze-Racing laser ride height sensor mainly used to measure ride height with micron-level resolution and sub-millisecond response using contactless laser triangulation. There are available in different shape and size which can be fit on your requirement.
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