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NDIS PsychoSocial recovery Support in Perth,WA |NDIS Respite Care Services in Perth ,WA
Home and living support options are integral in promoting the independence of people with disabilities and in ensuring that they can lead a quality life. Depending on the disability needs of the participants as well as their home and living goals, NDIS provides access to various support and services. Supported Independent Living (SIL) is funded in the plans of participants with higher support needs who require intense support throughout the day.When NDIS funds a living support option like SIL services, they want to ensure that they are funding the right and most appropriate support for participants that are beneficial both now and in the future. The NDIS determine whether the participant will benefit fromSIL support if:• It helps them achieve their NDIS goals.• It helps the participants to increase or maintain their functional capacity.• It helps them accomplish more daily tasks with less assistance.• It reduces their future person-to-person support needs.• It helps in fostering stronger ties with family, community and health services.The NDIS funding decision will also depend on the evaluations provided by health professionals regarding the participant’s accommodation and disability support needs. If the participant doesn’t require more than eight hours of significant support, then there may be other home living support options that better suit their needs.Aastha Community Services can assist the participants in accessing the Supported Independent Living (SIL) services by helping them assess their disability support needs. We can connect you with trained support staff who can deliver round-the-clock SIL assistance which will help you become independent at home. Through our SIL service you can establish a routine in which all your personal care activities and disability needs are seamlessly managed. Contact us today to know more about the NDIS as well the funded support and services.
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 NDIS Respite Care Services in Perth, WA | NDIS Support Coordination service in Perth,  WA
Support coordination plays a vital role in ensuring that people with disabilities receive the necessary support and services they require to live a fulfilling and independent life. Participants who are new to the NDIS may need assistance to understand their plan, connect with service providers and coordinate various support and services. A competent support coordinator can assist the participants with all those procedures and ease the NDIS process for them.Support Coordinators will provide the resources, information and support that the participants need in developing and implementing an NDIS plan tailored to suit their unique disability needs. The responsibilities of a support coordinator will also entail connecting the participant with the right service providers, negotiating with providers on their behalf and making sure that the services provided align with their NDIS plan. Support Coordinators will also help the participants to monitor their progress and thereby figure out whether the NDIS plan is working out for them or not. They will help the participants to make the best out of their NDIS plan and help them with plan reassessment in case the participant’s needs change over time. Since support coordination is capacity-building support, participants learn the different ways in which they can exercise choice and control by working on their skills and confidence.Aastha Community Services can help you access the services of experienced support coordinators in Perth. Our support coordinators can help you find practical solutions for any issues related to your NDIS supports in a timely and effective manner. We will ensure that your disability-related needs are being met at every step of your NDIS journey. Contact us today to know more about our Support Coordination services in Perth.
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 NDIS Respite Care Services in Perth ,WA | NDIS Support Coordination service in  WA
Transport is a crucial support for people with disabilities as it enables them to access various services and helps them to have an active community life. Access to transport helps them live independently and engage in activities that build their skills and boost their morale. A range of support options like activity-based transport as well as general and specialised transport is available through the NDIS to assist the participants with their transport needs. NDIS transport support is designed to accommodate the individual needs of each participant after taking their disability and preferred activities into consideration.General and Specialised TransportParticipants who need transportation to an activity that is not included in a service like going to work or school and to services provided by another organisation than the one providing transport support is referred to as General Transport. Contrary to other services, general and specialised transport is offered as a stand-alone service, and their costs must be included as a distinct line item in the participant’s Core Supports budget.Activity-based TransportActivity-based transport refers to transportation that is part of another approved service within the core or capacity-building budget. The support worker driving the participant to the activity is going to provide support to the participant throughout the duration of the activity. Unlike General Transport support which can be delivered to only one participant at a time, activity-based transport can involve a group of participants. The cost of activity-based transport is automatically calculated based on the time and distance spent travelling during the delivery of the service. Group rates are applicable in case more than one participant is involved.Aastha Community Services provide safe and convenient transport support to participants and help them engage in the activities of their choice. Contact us today to know more about NDIS Transport Supports.
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NDIS Support Coordination Service in Perth, WA | Respite care Support In Perth
NDIS participants with psychosocial disabilities can significantly benefit from the service of a Psychosocial Recovery Coach. As NDIS support workers with lived or learnt experience in mental health, Recovery Coaches can help people with psychosocial disabilities to navigate the NDIS and make progress towards their goals. This will ensure increased social and economic participation of such participants and empower them to become a part of mainstream society.NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coachingis a service that focuses on the capacity building of the participants rather than providing assistance with daily activities which are fulfilled by NDIS Core Supports. Recovery Coaches support individuals in their journey towards recovery by spending time with them and getting to know about their personal goals. This will help the Recovery Coaches to assist the participant with recovery planning and guide them towards recovery-oriented support and services. Recovery coaches are expected to connect the participants with a broader system of supports including mainstream supports.Regular interactions with the Psychosocial Recovery Coaches will help develop a recovery-enabling relationship which will encourage the participants to believe in themselves and pursue their goals with confidence and determination. Recovery Coaches must keep accurate records of their interactions with the participants and the assistance provided as they are required to provide reports to the NDIA before the participant’s plan review regarding the progress achieved through recovery coaching.Aastha Community Services believes that Psychosocial Recovery Coaching is an essential support that will redefine the way we approach psychosocial disability and helps the participants to recognise their strengths and let them be in charge of their own recovery. Recovery is not a one-stop destination but it is a constant journey where you can rely on the experience and expertise of our Recovery Coaches. Contact us today to know more about our support and services.
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NDIS Support Coordination service in Perth | NDIS Support Coordination service in  WA | NDIS registered Provider in Perth
NDIS Support Coordination is designed to enable the participants to make the most out of the NDIS by coordinating various services, funded, mainstream and informal ones. But it’s also a support which often confuses the participants. In this blog, we have answered a few of the most frequently asked questions by the participants and their families. 1)What does a support coordinator do? A support coordinator is a qualified individual who helps the participant implement the NDIS supports included in the plan and coordinates across the system with providers and service deliveries to ensure that everything is in place for you. They will help you understand the NDIS plan and make informed choices regarding the support you receive. It is funded in the capacity building budget. 2)What do you mean by capacity building? Capacity building refers to strengthening your skills and developing your capabilities to improve independence; it could be anything from helping your education to building skills. It is also a support category in the NDIS budget that funds you to do activities to help you achieve your NDIS goals. 3)Can you change your support coordinator and work without a support coordinator? Yes, participants can choose to change support coordinators at any time. However, according to the service agreement between you and the support coordinator, they will be served with notice before that. Some participants manage their plans without the assistance of a coordinator. If you think you understand your plan enough and are confident to coordinate it, NDIS welcomes you. 4)What are the different levels of Support Coordination? Currently, there are three levels to support coordination service, which is allowed to the participant according to their needs. 1)Support Connection 2) Coordination of Supports 3) Specialist Support Coordination If you are looking for a support coordinator who will help you navigate the NDIS smoothly and negotiate with the best-suited service providers, contact Aastha Community Services. Aastha’s support Coordinators ensure that the participants can maintain their choice and control throughout the support. Call us today to learn more about NDIS Support Coordination services.
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Committed to Compassionate Care: Role of NDIS Disability Support Workers
Disability Support workers are an integral part of providing great care to people with disabilities. A good support worker can help the participants to live independently and pursue various life goals through proper assistance. According to NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, a support worker is anyone who is either employed or involved in providing NDIS supports and services to people with disabilities. There are certain professional qualifications as well as personal commitments that the support worker is accountable for in order to ensure ideal care for the NDIS participants.A good support worker can bring quality changes in the life of a participant. They can help the participants with household tasks, personal care, supervision of medicine intake, assistance with transport to meet loved ones, provide emotional support etc. A skilled and experienced support worker will always respect your choice and privacy. They never make any decisions on your behalf without your informed consent. They will quickly address your concerns regarding the care you receive and find immediate solutions. NDIS disability support workers are expected to deliver all your supports and services in a competent manner.That means they must know how to do their job properly. In addition to all these responsibilities, disability support workers are also accountable for taking preventive measures against all forms of violence and exploitation against the participants. Aastha Community Services have years of experience in disability care. We always employ support workers who are properly trained and qualified to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients. Here at Aastha, we believe that having compassion and empathy towards participants is as important as being competent. Hence, we always strive to find those qualities in the people we recruit. Contact us to connect with disability support workers who best understand your needs.
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