Geocell Manufacturer and exporter in India - SinghalglobalPosted: January 28, 2023 @ 7:13 am
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Singhal Industries Private limited
Posted By: Singhal Industries Private limited
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Geogrid manufacturer and exporter in india to Oregon USA
Singhal Geogrid is a polymeric material composed of various polymers such as polyethylene, polyvinyl alcohol, and polypropylene. It is a significant invention in geosynthetics that is used as a reinforcing material. They were created by connecting intersecting ribs. They have large open spaces known as "apertures" between the ribs.Singhal Geogrids are classified into two layers based on the direction of stretching during manufacturing as -Uniaxial Geogrid - It is stretched only in one direction, longitudinally. As a result, stress is only transferred along that axis; even tensile strength is greater in the longitudinal direction than in the transverse direction.Biaxial Geogrid - It is stretched in two directions (longitudinal and transverse), distributing stress equally in both directions.100 m x 3.8 m rollApplicationsRoads, rail lines, and airportsStabilization of the areaPlatforms for transferring loadsReinforcement on the Ground
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