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S&A CWFL-3000 chiller for fiber laser flying welding system
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S&A water chiller for Tube automatic feeding laser cutting machine
S&A water chiller for 3 meters pipes and plates fiber laser cutting machine
S&A laser chiller for fiber cutting machine and laser welding machine
S&A dual temp chiller for Metal&non-metal hybrid laser cutting machine
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S&A chiller for Hand held and fixed laser welding machine
S&A chiller CW-5200 for automatic bending machine with Vacuum Platform
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S&A compact water chiller CW-5200 for mini acrylic engraving machine
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S&A refrigeration chiller CW-5200 for dual head cutting & engraving machine
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S&A water cooler CW-3000 for 80W co2 mini laser cutting & engarving machine
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Both of S&A CW-6200 and CW-6250 dual temperature water chillers can be used to cool 1500-2000W fiber laser
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A Korean manufacturer wishes to purchase S&A CW-5000 water chiller to cool their CNC laser cutting machine and CNC engraving machine
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S&A CW-6300 industrial water chiller is used to cool UVLED exposure machine by a Taiwanese customer
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As S&A CW-5000 achieves a good effect in cooling the spot-weld machine, it becomes a designated model repurchased by the customer
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S&A CW-6200 water chiller with 2P cooling capacity is used to cool card laminating machine by an Indian customer
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